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Topics: Education, High school, England Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Class: 12PD1
Name: Wong Mei Ha (Tiffany)
Student number: D120133
DATE: 16-10-2012

Topic: Learning English experience and expectation within 20 months

When it comes to learning English experience, rising interest in learning is a most practical way for me. Studied in a Chinese secondary school, I was not in a well-equipped environment. Particularly, when I was young, I could not understand why learning English is so paramount. Thus, I was very regret that I had not a good standard in English when I went to secondary school .In fact it is very essential to use English in this international city. Especially, if you want to obtain a nice job in future, you must able to communicate with foreigners. In order to enhance my English, I have to make an effort to study and practice.

In the beginning, I have attempted different ways to boost my English but they work shortly. It was because the methods used very boring for instance; I read English newspaper and have recitation every day. These measures may help me memorizing different vocabularies but easy to forget. Luckily, I met a new English teacher in my secondary school. In that time, our class girls were enthralled by an American pop stars –Jesse McCartney. We often played his song in leisure time. The teacher knew that she used Jesse’s song to teach us the meaning of lyrics. Also she encouraged we should be form interest to learning. Usually she recommended American drama and movie to us. I appreciate such teacher to understand student’s situation, so that since that time we concentrate on English classes till now.

In addition, I am going to attend a high diploma life for 20 months. I recognize that I have to enter the society after these months so I will enjoy my student life and through the regular classes and supplementary course to improve my English standard Indeed, I have to say that I love to attend EAP classes because I can learn different...
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