Evaluate the importance of regular exercise in maintaining a healthy body and mind

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Social well-being has been brought out as every countries' aim and expectation. One of the possible ways to achieve social well-being is to enhance citizens' health and lifestyle, exercising on a regular routine could lead the way. Scientists and researchers have spent years researching how regular exercise could affect human health and its possible impacts that could be brought to human-being. Researches have discovered exercising regularly takes a significant place in one's living routine, with speeding up one's metabolism and the prevention to many different kinds of diseases, which exercising regularly has high importance in maintaining one's healthy body and mind. Governments are responsible for their citizens, also responsible for citizens' medical care. Therefore, the state should take responsibility and to a high extent, the state or the government should play a significant role, such as launching a series of promotion to promote exercise, in order to ensure its citizens to exercise regularly. In the following passage, it would firstly show what impacts could be brought to both physical health and mental health. Second, it would evaluate how important that exercise could lead to an economic growth and lastly the possibility of achieving social well-being. It could be probe deeper with three regions, the United Kingdom, the United States and Hong Kong SAR as examples.

Regular physical activity routine could reduce the risk of suffering different physical illnesses. Taking a common condition in many countries as an example, cancer. Cancer is a kind of disease which involves unregulated growing cells with uncontrollable condition. It turns out to malignant tumors, which could invade organs and other parts of the body(NHS 2014). According to the National Health Service, the NHS in United Kingdom, more than 320,000 cases of cancer are diagnosed in 2009. The tremendous number shows that cancer is a very common condition, not only in the United Kingdom, but also a worldwide phenomenon(NHS 2012). Statistics of the United States Department of Health and Human Services in 2005 shows that one third of the averagely 500,000 cancer deaths occurring in the United States every year could be attributed to lifestyle, including the habits of exercising and diet. It shows that there is a relationship between exercising and cancer(US Department of Health and Services 2000). Scientific research suggested that the risk of developing several typical cancers, such as breast cancer and colon cancer, could be significantly reduced by improving metabolism and cells regeneration, which could achieved by taking regular exercise. Exercise could also prevent diabetes, which is related to the causes of cancers which have been mentioned(Byers & Nestle & Mctiernan & Doyle & Williams & Gansler & Thun 2002). Although cancer is a very common condition, a long period of time is needed to heal. Therefore, by regular exercise, citizens could maintain a healthy body and prevent cancer. The benefits of regular exercise could go further beside preventing cancer, having a regular workout routine helps maintain a healthy weight, which could strike a balance between calories intake and energy expenditure, stabilize the Body Mass Index and avoid obesity, meanwhile reducing the risk of other physical illnesses such as heart diseases, hypertension and stroke(Nam 2011). In order to achieve social well-being, it is important to raise citizens' awareness about regular exercise and other prevention of physical illnesses. Therefore, as a result, the state should play a role in ensuring the citizens to exercise in a regular routine.

Exercising regularly could bring both preventive and curative effects to a human's mental health, maintaining a healthy mind. In terms of prevention, physical activity reduces the risk of suffering from depression and mental disorders. Referring to a psychologists' study in the United States, citizens usually face pressure. Work...

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