European Exploration

Topics: Europe, Atlantic Ocean, Christopher Columbus Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: August 18, 2012
European Exploration

The things I tend to prove in this essay of European Exploration are major people you need to know, and what they did. I also plan to tell about why Europeans were interested in the land. Lastly I plan to tell you about the motivating factors. Overall the Europeans went on an exploration for a reason which is what they encountered.

There are a lot of reasons why Europeans were interested in discovering new lands and markets. I am going to list some examples of why Europeans were interested in discovering new lands and markets. One reason was that the expanding of European states stimulated increase of trade with markets in Asia. Also the European nations in front of the Atlantic Ocean saw new routes for trade. European nations also wanted to spread Christianity Religion. The European nations made a trade pattern known as the triangular trade. Europeans really were interested in discovering new lands and markets.

There were a lot of important explorers in the European Exploration; here is some. One of the biggest you should already know is Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus was an important explorer because he was famous for discovering the New World, but Christopher Columbus died thinking he had reached the Indies. Another one was Prince Henry (the Navigator). Prince Henry created a school for the navigation. Christopher Columbus and Prince Henry are two of the many explorers that I mentioned.

There are a lot of nations that led the exploration drive and their motives are. The motives of the famous European Explorers are wealth (gold, silver and spices), increased power in Europe, prestige, increasing opportunities for trade, spreading the Christian Religion, and building European empires. That is what the motives are.

I hope that I told you a lot about Christopher Columbus that you didn’t know. Christopher Columbus went on an exploration to increase opportunities for trade. I hope that through this you will get a good...
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