Eurodisney Case

Topics: Management, Idea, Customer Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: November 4, 2008
EuroDisney Case

Central Issue.

EuroDisney’s team were mistaken in their estimations of project’s business plan and revenue, definition of pricing policies and marketing strategies. Currently they are trying to improve the whole situation on ad-hoc basis by additional financing, partial altering infrastructure and management plans. Disney should change global strategy of managing assets and promoting their services in Europe. The idea is in giving up their self-referencing criterion and thinking of strong, augmented and well developed policies with respect to European style, consumer behavior and habits. Management have a good opportunity to get rid of non-profitable businesses for risks diversification and decrease of operation losses. To keep and enlarge their customer audience they should pay more attention to customer satisfaction, providing new services and find a suitable way to implement a mix of traditional American style & culture with European one.

Recommended Course of Action.

1.Pay more attention to national and European famous characters from video, comics and cartoons; use their images and “reputation” in advertisement to promote a new, more European style of Disney’s park along with traditional American culture. 2.Promote key features and possible entertainment activities in the park, not it’s size. 3.Revise target audience, stake on category 16-28 as more profitable and solvent than families with children. 4.Develop a clear strategy of discounts, special season offers. It’ll be a good idea to develop a loyalty program to stimulate customers to come back again and spend more money. 5.According to the needs and demand of customers allow low-alcohol drinks on the territory of the part, offer more European food. 6.Run strong advertisement company in Internet; create interactive online Adventure Planner, where all potential guests can in advance create a clear map of activities, interesting places, reserve tickets, etc. 7.Sell a...
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