Texas Instruments Case Study

Topics: Semiconductor sales leaders by year, Texas, Dallas Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Texas Instruments
* The company was founded in 1930 as Geophysical Service Inc. * GSI used seisms signal processing technology to search for oil. * GSI was sold to four of its mangers eleven years after its formation. * Texas Instruments Incorporated is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. * The company has manufacturing, design and sales operations in more than 25 countries. * It has three separate business segments: (1) Semiconductor 85%. (2) Sensors & Controls 10%. (3) Educational & Productivity Solutions 5%. The Semiconductor segment accounts for the highest growth rate than its other two business segments. * It was the third-largest semiconductor company in 2004 in terms of revenue. * TI employs approximately 35,200 people worldwide, with about 16,100 in the United States. * Ti is ranked 83rd on the Fortune list of 100 Best Companies to work for in 2006.

* Weak marketing campaigns in a very competitive industry. * The company depends on few customers for their revenues and its wasting opportunities. * Sales are dropping due to low demand on computer ships. * Poor innovation in a highly competitive industry where it has to be more than good. * Poor research and development in an industry that has to be up to date.

* A strong marketing campaign that shows the company's history and their long years of experience. It could also be on how big the company got through the years and how they are the 3rd biggest company in the industry. * Aim for a wider target market and show more attention to more customers instead of focusing on one group of customers. * Make contracts with laptop/PC's companies in order to sell more chips through these companies. * Invest in new technologies that could benefit the company in the long/short run. The company could also host a competition where people could compete with their new inventions which would be...
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