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Topics: Ethics, Morality / Pages: 18 (4307 words) / Published: Jul 3rd, 2013
Topic 1 1. The course Business and Society is about a. Nature of work b. Ethical issues c. Sustainability d. Professional life e. All of the above[pic] 2. Which of the following is not considered as a business? a. The Reject Shop b. The local fruit and veggie enterprise c. Southern Region Waste Resource Authority d. Advanced Recycling Technologies [pic] e. Origin Energy 3. Which of the following is not considered as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) a. Greenpeace b. Salvation Army c. Red Cross d. Sea Shepherd Society e. The local Bowling Club [pic] 4. Which of these activities can never be considered to be work? a. Begging b. Playing hockey c. Watching a chess game d. Reading e. None of the above [pic] 5. Begging is not work, because a. It is not a recognised trade b. You don't need educational qualifications c. There is no fixed place of work d. There are no regular timings e. None of the above [pic] 6. Work is essential in order to a. Get the necessities of life b. Survive c. Get external goods such as food, clothing and shelter d. Derive fun and personal development e. All of the above [pic]

7. Regarding Work and Non-work, which of the following statements is true? a. There is a sharp distinction between the two b. The distinction between the two is blurred [pic] c. Work is defined only when we get paid for doing something over a period of time d. Non-work is when we do things in our own time and do not get paid for it e. Work is only when we have a definite work-space 8. Who wrote “Work on philosophy is…actually more of a work on oneself. On one’s own conception. On the way one sees things.” a. Alfred Marshall b. George Orwell c. Bertrand Russell d. Ludwig Wittgenstein [pic] e. Karl Marx 9. The etymological root of the word “Work” in Greek is “ponos”, which means a. Drudgery b. Slavery c. Hardship d. Sorrow [pic] e. Torture
10. Svendsen suggests

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