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Essay Writing:
An essay is a piece of work written in a personal point of view and explains about a particular topic in detail. It is a continuous flow of information without headings, subheadings or numberings. It is divided into three main parts which are the introduction, body and the conclusion. Essays have a major part in every student’s academic career. Students have to make essays to make their assignments and other writings. The introduction of the essay mentions about the purpose of writing the essay. The main body explains in detail of the topic and conclusion is the summary of the essay.
There are certain things to consider while writing an essay. The essay must be well formatted, structured and written in an organized manner. Evidence of our writings must be given by the use of common examples and brainstorming. Also, the reference list or bibliography must be attached after completing the essay. Rushing and finishing the essay in the last minute, crossing the given word limit, Plagiarizing and including unwanted information without answering the actual question must be avoided as it makes the essay look unorganized. (BISSTO).
Report Writing:
Reports, unlike essays have headings and subheadings in them and they must be written in an official manner. Any personal point of view is not allowed in a report. Its main purpose is to provide information and facts. Report has an introduction, a body with subheadings and numberings if required and a brief conclusion.
A report has to be very clear, formal and to the point. Proper headings for each section must be provided and the report must be made attractive and interesting for the readers. After finishing the report, it is important to proof read what we’ve written in order to avoid mistakes. Use of jargons, repetition of the same sentences, crossing the word limit, errors in the format or the language, Using any personal point of view to justify are not allowed while writing a report.

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