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EAPD 030
Speaking Assignment
Comparing Universities Report
Give a 4-5 minute presentation on 2 universities or colleges in Canada and/or other countries. Include information such as: location, tuition fees, English language prerequisites, homestays and dormitories, other prerequisites, application fees, cost of living in the city, information on the program you are interested in, and other information pertinent to students making a decision on a university or college. Make a table that presents this information. For example: INFORMATION MCGILL UNIVERSITY CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY

LOCATION Montreal Montreal
$5550 $5350
none none
800 students 400 students
*Please note that this information is imaginary in case you want to use these universities. Use the language of comparison and contrast to present the information. Language of Comparison:
1. Both universities are located in Montreal.
2. They have similar tuition fees.
3. Neither has a homestay program.
4. McGill is in Montreal and so is Concordia.
5. McGill is in Montreal and Concordia is too/also.
Language of Contrast:
McGill houses 400 students in dorms, but (However, In contrast, On the other hand, Instead, By comparison, while, whereas) Concordia has none. Organization
Organize your report like an essay or paragraph. Start with the main point. Then offer support. Then give specific examples. Also, use modifiers such as slightly, twice as, and somewhat in the support and examples. For example: We will compare two Canadian Universities. An important piece of information is their location. Both are located in Montreal. Montreal is a bilingual city that has four universities, two English and two French. Both McGill and Concordia are English universities. Regarding the tuition, they have similar tuition fees. However, McGill’s tuition is somewhat higher than Concordia’s. McGill’s is $5550 while...
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