Management 340 Week 5

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Question 1, page 283

As forms/reports are created at the end of the SDLC phase, I would start by collecting all pertinent data and information needed about the report. Additionally, asking questions about who its users are, what the purpose is, and when is it used/ needed, where does it need to be delivered, and how many people need to use/view this report? After all data was assembled and consolidated, I would begin by using Java, HTML, or Visual Basic, as reports/forms are integrally related to the DFD's and ER diagrams. After creating the prototype, I would share with the users to determine if any corrections or adjustments are needed.

Question 2, page 283

Since my company (Law Office) does not use any systems to that produces budget reports, and even if does it is only for the attorney’s use) I will take an example of a human resource department. Some employers for their Human Resource department have a software system that produces and prepares reports for departments. These reports are used by the Director of Human Resources, HR managers, and Employee Benefits managers. Additionally, the CEO will use and view this report as department reports directly to him/her. The purpose of the output is to ensure the department is not exceeding its budget goals and to continuously review the budget to see if any changes/adjustments are needed. The output is needed on a quarterly basis and it will be viewed immediately, and if any changes result they will be implemented the following quarter. The output needs to be delivered to all users of the report.

Question 3, page 283

A report is a business document containing only predefined data; it is a passive document used solely for reading or viewing. Examples of reports are invoices, weekly sales summaries by region and salesperson, and a pie chart of population by age categories. Bad reports are reports that have incorrect data and non-user friendly designs...
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