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FedEx Corporation
Principles of Management Project

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The need is the mother of invention ,back in the time ,a long time ago there were spaces to fill and needs to create , CEO Frederick Smith took advantege of these spaces by coming up with FEDEX (transport over night). Fedex took a big place in the shipping industry in the united states very fast ,by providing fast a good servise,in more than 40 cities, The company did not stop there ,over the years fedex developed itself By expanding world wide ,with hight economichal countries that making trade with U.S ,,or local service . the growth in the technology helped fedex a lot to develop their work and make it easier, The company was one of the first to harness the power of the Internet, launching its Web site in 1994 with a bold new package tracking application one of the first true corporate Web services. Developing in the shipping industry created a high competition ,the high competition was number one obstacle for fedex,so it has to keep up the good work ,what heped fedex is the strategy that the company using, and the support the costumers,s needs,

History ( ) ( Frederick smith cam up with idea of fedex when he was doing his graduat assinment .he realized how the soicity devolping and the need for service like this for the people that time ,and how the mail delivery companies of the day were inefficiently using the passenger air routes for package delivery. In 1971 he was ready to do this idea that he cam up with when he was in college ,,so he collected his capital money to start the project, In 1973 the began to work officially ., delivering packages ,they coverd eight planes and the company covered something like 35 or 40 cities in the U.S . In 1975 the company earned it,s first profit ,

1977 - After two years of lobbying led by Federal Express, Congress passes Public Law 95-163 enabling FedEx and other cargo airlines to use larger aircraft with no geographic restrictions on routes.

1978 - Federal Express Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange; ticker symbol is FDX.

1981 - Federal Express introduces the Overnight Letter.
Federal Express begins international delivery with service to Canada. Federal Express opens its Super Hub adjacent to Memphis International Airport.

1983 - fedex becomes the first U.S. company to reach revenues of $1 billion without merger or acquisition.

1984 – fedex acquires Gelco Express International and launches operations in Asia Pacific. The first PC-based automated shipping system, later named FedEx PowerShip®, is introduced.

1985 - RPS Inc. (now FedEx Ground) is founded in Pittsburgh, Pa., and introduces bar code labeling to the ground transportation industry.

1986 - Federal Express introduces the SuperTracker®, a hand-held bar code scanner system that captures detailed package information.

1989 fedex purchases Flying Tigers to expand its international presence.

1990 -Federal Express becomes the first company to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the service category.

1993 - RPS (now FedEx Ground) exceeds $1 billion in annual revenue in its ninth year of existence, recording the fastest growth of any ground transportation company.

1994 - Federal Express officially adopts "FedEx" as its brand for recognition as the worldwide standard for fast, reliable service.

- FedEx launches as the first transportation Web site to offer online package status tracking, enabling customers to conduct business via the Internet.

- FedEx Ship® software (now FedEx Ship Manager QuickShip) allows customers to process and manage shipping from their desktop.

1995 - FedEx...
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