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Fall 2013


Course Supervisor Valerie Carson Office: ISA 3008 Office hours: Mondays, 11:00-1:00 pm * When e-mailing Valerie, please include your course # & section #

Lab TAs
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Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Tuesday

08:35am-11:25am 11:50am-02:40pm 08:35am-11:25am 11:50am-02:40pm 11:50am-02:40pm 08:35am-11:25am 06:05pm-08:55pm

Vedad Delic Vedad Delic Allison Fertig Allison Fertig Dale Chaput Dale Chaput Jessica Kennedy

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Department of Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology University of South Florida



Fall 2013

Course Goals (1) To obtain firsthand experience with some of the cellular and biochemical principles discussed in Cell Biology lecture. (2) To become familiar with some of the equipment and techniques commonly used in cell biology research. (3) To gain experience locating scientific information through the internet and World Wide Web. These resources are becoming more important to scientists on a daily basis. (4) To develop laboratory and library skills used in conducting experiments. (5) To gain experience with the quantitative aspects of cell biology research. (6) To develop skills necessary in writing a scientific report. Prerequisites (1) Completion of two semesters of college-level basic biology (BSC 2010/2010L and BSC 2011/2011L, or equivalents); two semesters of college-level basic chemistry (CHM 1045 and CHM 1046 or equivalents); and one semester of any college-level mathematics, physics, or statistics course. (2) A cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 in the five courses listed above. These requirements WILL NOT BE WAIVED for students who pass majors courses beyond college-level basic biology, but do not have the necessary cumulative GPA (2.75) in the five courses listed above. Books and Materials Required (1) PDFs of the 5 lab experiments will be posted on BlackBoard/Canvas. You will be required to bring to class a hard-copy of the experiment to be completed that day in lab. (2) Safety glasses or goggles in accordance with university policy, goggles must be worn during ALL lab exercises. (3) A good permanent marking pen, such as a ‘Sharpie’ (a couple different colors are nice). Fine tipped. (4) A lab coat (mandatory). Also, no open toed-shoes will be allowed in the laboratory.



Fall 2013

Class Format The laboratory exercises performed in this course are laid out in the schedule provided. It is your responsibility to read each lab exercise before coming to class, so you will be prepared to do each lab. Record data in your lab manual and notebook, and follow the instructions for the presentation of your results at the end of each lab exercise. Your TA will assist you in succeeding in this course. They will review the concepts and techniques of each lab exercise prior to your doing them, and then observe your work and guide you. They will also keep regular office hours where you may ask any questions you have over the lab exercises. Conduct in the lab Any activity that is a disruption of the academic process in the lab will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: (a) any general conduct that directs attention away from the academic matters at hand, such as noisy distractions, use of disrespectful/offensive language, cell phones, (b) any conduct that presents a danger to the health or safety of either the student or people in the lab and/or (c) not following the lab safety rules. The student will first receive a warning from the TA/Instructor. If the behavior continues, the punishment will be based on University regulations as set forth in the Undergraduate Handbook. If the conduct is serious enough that the TA feels the...
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