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Discussion assignment 4: eServices

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We are considering three internet services for our study:

1. Online banking sites like

2. Railway/ airline ticket booking (,,

3. Movie theater booking(

Some of the advantages to customers are common which are as follows:

1. 24 hour processing facility as against 6 hour banking facility (normal working hours of a bank) or an 8-12 hour booking counters.

2. Tremendous time and resource saving by avoiding queues.

3. Customer convenience

4. Faster processing capabilities.

5. Entire information available on your computer screens.

6. No communication gap while processing which reduces the reprocessing time.

7. Mobile application is also available for most of the services making it more convenient to use.

Apart from this, the some of the other specific benefits of each of these internet services are summarized as follows:

Online banking sites like


• Secure links ensure that your money is always safe.

• Facility to manage your investments in a click.

• Direct Trading options are also provided in case you have an online account.

• No need to carry cash/check while for doing a transaction.

• Real time information of every transaction done on an account is informed to the account holder through sms alerts.

Railway/ airline ticket booking (,,


• Search options in the internet provide the facility of checking all available trains/ flights for the desired journey.

• One can check the cheapest fares available through sites like or
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