week 3 lab

Topics: Microsoft Windows, Windows 7, Windows Vista Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: October 12, 2014
Chris Simmons
August 21, 2014
Week 3 Lab
1. Enforce Password. This makes it so you cannot use the same password more than once or more than 10 times, etc. When you change your password, it cannot be the password you were just using. 2. No. This stores plaintext password. This can be a risk. It’s default “disabled”. 3. Store passwords using reversible encryption is required for certain remote access protocols. It is also required to VPN in most cases. 4. To be more secure, of course.

5. If the computer is on the same domain, you can use remote desktop to remote into the main computer. 6. Microsoft Update Data Source
7. Windows Server Update Services lets admins push down the latest Microsoft updates to workstations with the windows OS. 8. MBSA scans multiple computers at once, while Microsoft Update scans a single computer. 9. You can run numerous command line scripts for various results. 10. If a company is going through a windows migration from XP to WIN 7, they can use all of these to ensure this goes smoothly. Lab part 2

1. Roles are major functions and features are add-on’s that assist roles. 2. Windows PowerShell
3. Servers should be backed up hourly.
4. There are backups that backup all content (full systems), there are backups that backup files and folders, and there are backups that backup that only backup the files and folders that have been modified since the last backup. 5. Backing up a server allows you to have a restore point if and when something attacks or damages the server. Backups allow from the system to recover and not face major losses in files and folders. 6. You can also restore data from a backup from a removable storage. 7. Yes

8. My documents and settings, Everyone’s documents and settings, All information on this computer, and Let me choose what to back up. 9. If you’re backing up 500GB worth of data, it’d be wise to have more than 550GB of disk space. 10. It shouldn’t take long to reimage?
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