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Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure MCQs: Test - 2

Sr. No.



The state of hybridization of the central atom and the number of lone pairs over the central atom in POCl3 are [WB JEE 2012]
(A) sp, 0
(B) sp2, 0
(C) sp3, 0
(D) dsp2, 1
Answer: (C)

NiCl2{P(C2H5)2(C6H5)}2 exhibits temperature dependent magnetic behaviour (paramagnetic/diamagnetic). The coordination geometries of Ni2+ in the paramagnetic and diamagnetic states are respectively [IIT JEE 2012]
(A) tetrahedral and tetrahedral
(B) square planar and square planar
(C) tetrahedral and square planar
(D) square planar and tetrahedral
Answer: (C)

When O2 is converted into O2+ [Karnataka CET 2011]
(A) both paramagnetic character and bond order increase
(B) bond order decreases
(C) paramagnetic character increases
(D) paramagnetic character decreases and the bond order increases
Answer: (D)

Which one of the following conversions involve change in both hybridization and shape? [Karnataka CET 2010]
(A) NH3 → NH4+
(B) CH4 → C2H6
(C) H2O → H3O+
(D) BF3 → BF4–
Answer: (D)

Assuming that Hund's rule is violated, the bond order and magnetic nature of the diatomic molecule B2 is [IIT JEE 2010]
(A) 1 and diamagnetic
(B) 0 and diamagnetic
(C) 1 and paramagnetic
(D) 0 and paramagnetic
Answer: (A)

Based on VSEPR theory, the number of 90 degree F — Br — F angles in BrF5 is [IIT JEE 2010]
(A) 0
(B) 2
(C) 4
(D) 8
Answer: (A)

The species having pyramidal shape is [IIT JEE 2010]
(A) SO3
(B) BrF3
(C) SiO32–
(D) OSF2
Answer: (D)

The value of n in the molecular formula BenAl2Si6O18 is [IIT JEE 2010]
(A) 3
(B) 5
(C) 7
(D) 9
Answer: (A)

Using MO theory predict which of the following species has the shortest bond length? [AIEEE 2009]
(A) O2+
(A) O2–
(A) O22–
(A) O22+
Answer: (D)

The number of nodal planes present in σ * s antibonding orbitals is [Karnataka CET 2008]
(A) 1
(B) 2

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