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Biochemistry 463, Spring 2012

BCHM 463 Biochemistry of Physiology Spring 2012
Dr. James Watson Office: 1507 Chemistry Bldg. Phone: (301) 405-1873 Email: Office hours: Mondays 1:00-1:50 and Thursdays 11-11:50 (or by appointment) Teaching Assistant: Poorni Adikaram (Office hours by apt) BCHM463 meets MWF 11:00-11:50am in CHM1402. Textbook: Biochemistry (7th Ed.) by Stryer, Berg, and Tymoczko. There is an e-text available which is acceptable for use in this course. The 6th edition is acceptable for use although there may be some differences between the two editions. Class website: I will be using the ELMS/Blackboard site to maintain the course: throughout the semester. I have posted the Syllabus there. In addition, I will post exams from a previous semester. Course Description: BCHM 463 is a one-semester, 3-credit introduction to general biochemistry designed for undergraduate students. This course will emphasize fundamental biochemistry concepts including protein structure, enzyme catalysis, metabolism and metabolic regulation. Specific focuses in this class include but are not limited to: • • • • • Overview of cellular architecture and biomolecules Structure and function of proteins Structure and function of carbohydrates and lipids Fundamentals of enzyme function, kinetics, and regulation Metabolic pathways and their regulation: bioenergetics, glycolysis, citric acid cycle, glycogen and fatty acid metabolism, and oxidative phosphorylation

Prerequisites: CHEM241 and CHEM242, CHEM243 or CHEM247. This course relies on the students’ knowledge of basic biology (general processes of cell function and replication), chemistry (structure, nomenclature, basic properties of functional groups, and basic chemical reactions), as well as basic concepts of thermodynamics. So it is the students’ responsibility to review/learn these subjects by the second week.


Biochemistry 463, Spring 2012

Grading: Assignment Exam I Exam II Exam III Final Exam Total Points 100 100 100 200 500 Expected Date Monday 2/20, 11am-11:50am Monday 3/12, 11am-11:50am Monday 4/23, 11am-11:50am Tuesday 5/15, 8am-10am Location CHM1402 CHM1402 CHM1402 CHM1402

Course letter grades are earned according to the following method: Raw scores will be recorded in ELMS. To calculate letter grades, each score will be standardized as follows:

where = raw score, = mathematical mean of raw scores, and = standard deviation of raw scores. The average, standard deviation, highest and lowest scores will be emailed after each exam. The standardized score formula places the mean at the B/C-cutoff and allows an effective comparison of exams without introducing a bias in favor of exams with large standard deviations. Since it is based on a normal (Gaussian) distribution, it generally represents the fairest way of grading. (Nearly all national exams such as the SAT, MCAT, and GRE use a similar standardization method.) Your letter grade will be determined by the highest score determined by three methods: 1) weighted average of the standardized scores with the final worth 2 midterms; 2) standardized scores calculated using the total points; or 3) standardized score using the final exam only (i.e. if you do better on the final, you will receive that letter grade). Please note that the mean and standard deviation used for the calculation may change as a result of regrades. In the event that your raw score percentage is higher than the scaled score percentage, the higher value will be used for grade calculation. The following conversion table will be used to calculate final course grades: S (Score) ..................Letter Grade 97.00 < S ...........................A+ 93.00 < S < 97.00 ..............A 90.00 < S < 93.00 ..............A87.00 < S < 90.00 ..............B+ 83.00 < S < 87.00 ..............B 80.00 < S < 83.00 ..............B77.00 < S < 80.00 ..............C+ 73.00 < S < 77.00 ..............C 67.00 < S < 73.00...
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