Topics: High school, Police, Dunkin' Donuts Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: December 8, 2013
John Covino
Eng 101 MWF 8:00

Westborough, Massachusetts

I was born in Newton Wellesley Hospital in Massachusetts and lived in Brookline MA for 2 years. After that I moved to Westborough MA with my mom, dad and brother. For the next 16 years after that I still live in the same house. Westborough is known for its terrible drivers, Dunkin Donuts, useless police force and buildings. Growing up in a town like this is relaxing and very subtle. There has never been much to do in the town though, which makes it a little boring but very quiet. I had always wished to move somewhere else but when I leave town and come back I feel at home when I enter Westborough because it is where I grew up and learned everything I know today.

If there is one thing that aggravates me it is how people drive in this town. Some people drive too fast, some too slow, and others have their own category on how they drive. I have never witnessed so many rear endings and pullovers in one town. In the center of Westboro there is a rotary, its very simple, some entrances you yield and others you stop. On one side of the rotary is a building with a few stores and apartments on top, the main attraction there is Rotary Pizza and Grille. I worked there as a delivery boy and when I would stand behind the counter and watch traffic I witnessed more than 10 accidents in less than 4 months. although there are many accidents the town manages to stay pretty quiet.

There are no amusement parks or exiting places to go hangout at in Westborough. Bay State Commons is a little park area where they hold some fairs and events from time to time, with a supermarket and a few restaurants it brings in many visitors. Recently an indoor trampoline place was put in, that currently is the only fun place to go to. The middle school kids are the ones that walk around town and hangout around Bay State Commons, and the high school kids mainly hangout at a friends house or drive around town...
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