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1. What is the major decision facing CCM? What is the timeline or sequence of events leading up to the decision?

2. What is your evaluation of the external environment, industry, and competition?

3. What is the position of CCM in the marketplace? What is your evaluation of the new product development” prototype and market testing” process used by CCM?

4. In light of the customers and their behavior, and your previous analysis, how would you position the U+ Pro skate in the marketplace?

5. What recommendations would you make to CCM regarding the execution of their launch strategy for the U+ Pro?


The major decision that CCM faces is one that involves the development of an effective product launch strategy which will boost the sales for the re-launch of CCM’s U+ Pro skate. This has been due to the fact that ‘a number of quality and marketing missteps had occurred since the market introduction of the U+ Pro skate two years earlier’. In addition to this, the hockey equipment industry has been facing flat sales as of late. – Major decision

Skates make up the largest (34%) portion of global hockey equipment market by category, followed by sticks – Exhibit 2.

Key competitors are: Reebok-CCM Hockey, Bauer Hockey, Easton, and Graf. – Competition in the industry

The industry was an expensive industry in comparison to other sport equipment industries like soccer. – Threat of substitutes high

The consumers of hockey equipment belong in mid-high income brackets, and spend quite a bit of money per annum for equipment. Hence, after they buy the equipment, they tend to stick to it and try to avoid repurchasing. – High power of buyers

Had variety of distribution channels within the industry. Among them the independent retailers had the best knowledge and tradition associated with selling hockey equipment. In addition, they are part of buying groups that spread across the country in Canada.

3 consumer segments:

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