Skate to go where you want to go

Topics: Roller skates, Marketing / Pages: 3 (976 words) / Published: Oct 28th, 2014
A Discussion of Rollerblade: Skates to Go Where You Want to Go
Rollerblade is known as one of creator of the sport of in-line skating, which also develops faster than other manufacturer. As a leading of manufacturer in the in-line skating market, Rollerblade improves its technologies, programs and commitment constantly, trying to provide consumers with a good quality of skates and skating experiences. In the article, it mainly introduces its history, key segments.
In this article, it describes development history of Rollerblade. The first in-line skate was created by a Dutch in 1700s, but it disappeared from market practically in 1860s. In order to create an entire industry, Rollerblade decided to provide exciting new products and build loyal customer relationships. Rollerblade was contributed by two Minnesota hockey-playing brothers in 1980. They sold their product to off-season hockey players and skiers. In the mid-1980s, Mary Horwath, the marketing executive in Rollerblade, wanted to market its in-line skates to extend a range of consumers. Horwath decided made some decisions to achieve her goals. Firstly, Rollerblade was “incredible fun” in order to attract more consumers. Secondly, it was “a great aerobic workout and made the skater stronger and healthier” so that not only athlete but also people who like to do exercise may decide to buy it. Thirdly, it was “quite different from traditional roller skating, which was practiced alone, mostly inside, mostly by young girls” in order to extend its market. Finally, it would “appeal to more than just off-season ice hockey skaters and skiers” so that it changed most people’s usual opinion about the roller skating. Because of the achievement of Horwath’s marketing plans, Rollerblade was popularized.
It then introduces the key segments. The trickiest segment is Urban/Street skates such as DT4 in-line skate. It designs for people who were 14-20 years old. In the Fitness/ Recreation segment, Rollerblade designed

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