Nike+ Selling Plan

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Professional Selling Plan for Nike+

Daniel DeMaiolo, Marc Russell, James Kopanic, Tiffany Sokol, Kelsey Rupert, and Zachary Mehl

Dr. Cynthia E. Anderson

MKTG 3740 Selling Plan

October 11, 2008

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary………………..2

2. Product Description…….………….6

3. SWOT Analysis……………………8

4. Target Market……………….……11

5. Product Strategy…………………..14

6. Customer Strategy………………..16

7. Relationship Strategy…………….17

8. Presentation Strategy………….....19

9. Works Cited………………..….....25

Executive Summary
With technology advancing at rapid rates in modern society, individual components are swiftly converging to form brand new products that consumers will enjoy; moreover, this unprecedented metamorphosis is shaking up entire industries. In short, technology, the catalyst of increased performance in the free market, has become ever more prominent in extending the marketability of already existing goods. To be more specific, the convergence of consumer goods that are physical and technological in nature, such as tennis shoes and iPods respectively, have rapidly shifted the infrastructure of the global markets for each individual component and, in its wake, left a brand new market. In order to demonstrate the success of both industries individually, further research is requisite. In 2002, the United States Census Bureau for the NAICS categories of “sporting and athletic goods manufacturing” and the “audio and video equipment” reported that the two industries boasted a colossal “$11.89 and 8.82 billion dollars” respectively in “sales, shipments, and receipts” due to the mature markets present (U.S. Census Bureau). Because of the popularity of both industries, fierce competition was evident as in 2002 there were “2,233 establishments in the sporting and athletic goods manufacturing industry” and “571 in the audio and video equipment manufacturing industry” all competing for the consumer dollars (U.S. Census Bureau). This report shows how the convergence of Nike’s signature tennis shoes in conjunction with Apple’s iPod has dramatically altered the business environment for their respective industries from the perspective of personal selling to individual consumers. In order to accomplish this, extensive research came from the companies’ websites, the United States Census Bureau, peer-reviewed journals and articles, consumer reports, personal experience, and a highly accredited and University-adopted textbook. To increase the understanding of this report, Apple’s iPod and its relevant program, iTunes, need significant definition. The iPod is essentially a digital music storage device with much iteration including the Nano and Shuffle. iTunes is essentially a computer application/music media player that stores music files and, more recently, workout information. This report describes the personal selling plan to individual consumers for the newly created Nike+ product in three main components: the product evaluation, target market analysis, and appropriate selling strategies. During the product evaluation, the Nike+ shoe will be thoroughly described in the product description and further explained in the SWOT analysis to illustrate the position of the product. Next, the target market analysis will provide a detailed demographic and psychographic profile of the prospects. Finally, the report will conclude with suggested personal selling strategies, including the product strategy, customer strategy, relationship strategy, and presentation strategy, for the sales force to employ in order to persuade potential customers to purchase the Nike+.

As technology continues to rapidly evolve and subsequently morphs entire industries through value-adding convergent products, it is absolutely vital for Nike and Apple to thoroughly research...

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