Topics: God, Human, Emotion Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: February 27, 2005
In the Poem, EPƒÇƒÃ, by Robert Bridges, Eros is referred to as an ¡§¡Kidol of the human race¡K¡¨ with a perfect form and looks, however, he bears no expression on his face. On the other hand, in the poem, EROS, by Anne Stevenson, Eros is portrayed as a ¡§thug¡¨ with a bruised and ¡§patchy¡¨ appearance. I believe that although both authors are trying to convey the same message, they choose different ways to go about it.

In the poem by Anne Stevenson, I believe that she is trying to show that while people, especially the narrator, were constantly asking for help and calling upon the gods, they were not thinking of others, but more so their own personal problems. When Eros first appears to the narrator, she is shocked and in disbelief of his appearance. Eros tells the woman that he has that form due to all of the feelings she and others have directed in his direction. He then tells the girl that since it is the gods that control the fate of man, they are the ones that take all of the blame for things not going well, and that is reflected upon their bodily form. I think that the author was trying to show that from the scorn of man, the gods were receiving these verbal beatings that resulted in physical marks, and to show the selflessness of the gods as well. This is done when Eros tells the girl that it is better for him to be all bruised than for her to not have love.

However, when comparing the work of Anne Stevenson to the work of Robert Bridges, I see that they not only share some of the same views, but also have their own views as well, in which they use their own methods and metaphors to convey. In contrast to Anne Stevenson¡¦s portrayal of Eros, Robert Bridges shows the god to be of perfect form and complexion; and virtually flawless. Not only is the appearance of the god presented differently, but the overall attitude that he carries as well. While Ann Stevenson shows Eros to be broken and battered, he carries a positive attitude; Robert...
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