Equality with Women in Policing Annotated Bibliography

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Equality with Women in Policing
An Annotated Bibliography


I believe that women in policing are still, to this day, not treated as equally as men. Women police officers have always been discriminated against. I believe this is true because many women advance in police work but few actually pursue it. Being in the criminal justice field wanting to pursue this career as a woman, I felt it was my duty to find a lot of research to discuss the negativity towards women, the challenges they may face, and how they need to overcome this and focus on getting the job done. This has been happening since the first woman on the police force in 1873 to 2010. One hundred and seventy three years later, nothing has changed. How are women going to get the job if they are not being properly utilized during training, or if they are even able to be put through training? Women face many forms of discrimination. One being the way they are portrayed to the community and to other officers. Another is how they are compared to male officers and how it is assumed they are not as equal as them. Hopefully the bias of sexism will be altered so that more women have the opportunity to be just as happy going into the career as they were studying it. One day, hoping to work in police force more research will be done and lesser to none of the discrimination will exist.


Grant, N K., Garrison, C G., & McCormick, K. (1990) Perceived utilization, job satisfaction and advancement of police women. Public personnel management,19(2). Retrieved from http://find.galegroup.com/gtx/infomark.do?&contentSet=IAC-Documents&type=retrieve&tabID=T002&prodld=AONE&docld=A9301445&source=gale&userGroupName=mlin_s_bristcc&version=1.0

Grant, a professor of Urban Studies and Acting Dean of the University of Texas at Arlington, Garrison, a Professor of Criminal Justice and Director of Women’s Studies at the University of Akron and McCormick, a Professor and Division Chair of Criminal Justice at the University of Akron explain how women are being perceived as “expectations” rather than the “norm.” In this journal article they mention that police women are assigned to field patrol more than ever. But the duties in which the women are being assigned to are non-patrol tasks. They are not given the opportunity to train, nor are they given assignments to help them exceed expectations and succeed in the field. They concluded that in order for police departments to enhance the job satisfaction of police women, it is necessary to increase perceived utilization because .0000 women are properly utilized.

These professors find this information themselves by using a survey to identify the accuracy of this statement. In 1986 fifteen hundred surveys were mailed to members of the International Association of Women Police. It recognized the biases and diversity of the respondents indicating that an appropriate amount of discrimination inequality was sent. This journal is more reliable for my thesis because it is proof read by many other journalists, to make sure what is stated, is exact. After reading this journal I was certainly not surprised of the feedback from the people and the outcome of the entire hypothesis. This will help my thesis by looking back to the 1980’s and 1990’s and compare with the twentieth century and how more women have been accepted but are not properly positioned or equally treated forcing them to not succeed in their goal.

Willet, Anslee. (2003, September 7) Women on Duty/Getting, keeping females in Law enforcement proves. The Gazette, Colorado. Retrieved from http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4191/is_20030907/ai_n10024481/

This news paper article discusses the public view on women police officers. It states a lot about what the public believes. They want a “real cop.” In this newspaper article it was declared that a police officer should be a man. That was always the norm...

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