Envision of the Future Essay

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Eating Pages: 2 (278 words) Published: June 8, 2011
Envision of the future essay

Envision the future where everyone and everything is technologically advanced.

The future will be utopia.

The future will be technologically advanced. Today we have cars that run on

Ethanol and vegetable oil. In the future we will have flying carpets that will be more

energy efficient. There will be no cars in the future everything will get simpler everyday.

Getting food will be more effortless with food processors. With advances in

modern science getting almost anything will be easy. In the past we had microwave

meals that you heat up. In the future you tell the food processor what you want wait 30

seconds and your food is hot and ready to eat. Enough about eating lets talk about the

geography of the earth.

In the future all of the continents will come together to form Pangia. In the past

every year the separated continent moved about ¼ to about 1 inch a year. As all the

continents come together that means we have one government. A mixed government with

people from all over Pangia. With there being one continent every person had the same


Every one will be physical fit in the future. More people are starting to run and

diet everyday. In the past they were starting to just get more heather foods. Well in the

future everything that you eat is healthy. In the future there will be a big push for physical


The future will be a great place no more wars no more people trying to take over

the world. With food processors and one big continent how could you not want to live here.
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