Environmental Responsibility

Topics: Environmentalism, Sustainability, Natural environment Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: September 9, 2013
By Vasantt K. Jogoo


1.0 Concern over environmental issues has definitely reached new heights if judged by the headlines it is making in the press and the number of international meetings devoted to its debate. The natural resource base of most countries continues to be degraded at an alarming rate. While the state has a major role to play in the arbitration of conflicts that arise between environmental and developmental goals, it is becoming obvious that the stewardship of the natural environment has to be the responsibility of everyone. In fact, many of the environmental challenges could be resolved if every section of the society, individual or organization accepted greater environmental responsibility by changing its habits and practices slightly. Traditional Responses to Environmental Threats

2.0 The primary goal of all governments is to foster economic growth, create wealth, improve human welfare, and satisfy the material wants of their citizens. The environment is viewed as a storehouse of minerals and raw materials that are essential to the production of goods and services for decent standards of living. We often fail to realize that it also supports plant and animal life, and provides the means of growing food. It is, furthermore, a source of aesthetic experience and recreation. With increasing rates of economic growth, however, the environment has become a sink for all the waste that is generated by modern activities, giving rise to numerous environmental problems. As more and more countries are racing towards greater industrialization and economic growth, transformation of the ecological capital is now outstripping the natural processes by which the resources replenish themselves, a fact that severely compromises the ability of future generations to sustain a decent livelihood. 3.0The state, conscious of the fact that neither businesses nor personal interests can on their own effectively ensure the...
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