Defining Environmental Ethics

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Jordan Wilson
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Defining environmental ethics
Environmental Ethics is a fairly new topic that is being brought out to the world’s population but has no true definition of what it really is. Environmental ethics is more than just a singular thought or action, in fact it has many sides to it that encompass our everyday life from religion to politics that shape our minds into what is right and what is wrong. There are critical issues from today’s and future generations that needs to be factored into this in order to come to a true conclusion of what environmental ethics is. The environment is a ever changing being that effects every single person on the planet directly, it’s constant shifting should be a concern to everyone of its inhabitants, which is why Environmental ethics needs to be strongly defined and brought into every major issue the world is currently dealing with. In attempt to define environmental ethics, this essay with break down and analyze past present and future activities that will constantly shift the idea of Environmental ethics.

In order to truly understand environmental ethics, a person would need a broad understanding of the past present and future issues that have or are currently taking place. The definition of environmental ethics stands as this “ the study of proper behavior to achieve the environmental well-beings of the planet for the present and the future; proper behavior means limiting economic activities that are harmful to the global ecological health.” The explanation of proper in terms of the environment I would take it as inaccurate, I wouldn’t just say, “limiting economic activities” but rather adding something like improving current economic activities to make them more efficient. Using that harsh definition of proper could possibly turn away many people due to the language used to explain what environmental ethics is. The...

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