Environmental Policy of Bangladesh

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National Environment Policy, Multilateral Environment Agreements (MEAs) and Bangladesh Taufiq Akhter

What is Meant by “Environment” ?
Environment means our surroundings, which comprises of land, water and air and other bodies. Environment is affected by the physical properties of these components. It is also affected by the changes in interrelationship prevailing between an among the components ranging from micro-organism to human bodies (ref: section 2 (d), ECA, 1995)

National Environment Policy, MEAs and Bangladesh

Why is the Environment so Important ?
Our life-support system’s is maintained by all the species that make up the biosphere-biodiversity. The survival of all these species are interconnected and dependent on each other. Human being is also a part of this biosphere, extinction of one species is really the extinction of many species and the decline of our lifesupport system for ourselves and future generations. So, all the components of the environment are equally important for human being as well as for the other species.

National Environment Policy, MEAs and Bangladesh

What is meant by “Development” ?
Development is intended to bring a positive change for human beings and its surroundings. Development may take place by bringing about a change in policy, projects and legislation

National Environment Policy, MEAs and Bangladesh

“Sustainable Development”
Sustainable Development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (ref: Our Common Future, World Commission on Environment and Development,1987)

National Environment Policy, MEAs and Bangladesh

Background of Environment Policy
Initiatives for protection of environment in Bangladesh dates back to 1972 when United Nations Conference on Human Environment took place in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference brought leaders of the industrialized and developing nations to chart an Action Plan on Human Environment. Realization of various adverse impacts on environment as evident from water pollution, air pollution, soil degradation, depletion of forest resources, unplanned urbanization, discharge of untreated industrial effluents, etc. and deterioration of environment. Acknowledgement of the integrate linkage of poverty, population pressure, illiteracy, inadequate health care facility, lack of public awareness – have a serious impediment to the environment. Acknowledgement of the need to address these situations in an integrated manner lead to the establishment Ministry of Environment and Forests in 1989 and felt the need for an well defined national environment policy. National Environment Policy, MEAs and Bangladesh

Environment Policy 1992
Bangladesh National Environment Policy approved in May 1992, sets out the basic framework for environmental action, together with a set of broad sectoral action guidelines. Key elements of the Environment Policy are : Maintenance of the ecological balance and overall progress and development of the country through protection and improvement of the environment. Protection of the country against natural disasters. Identification and regulation of all types of activities which pollute and degrade the environment. Ensuring proper Environment Impact Assessment prior to undertaking of industrial and other development projects. Ensuring sustainable use of all natural resources. National Environment Policy, MEAs and Bangladesh

Coverage of Environment Policy 1992
Environmental activities encompass all geographical regions and development sectors of the country. As such, policies towards realization of the overall objectives of this Environment Policy are delineated in 15 sectors. These are – 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Agriculture Industry Health Energy water Development, Flood Control and Irrigation Land Forest, Wild Life and Biodiversity Fisheries and Livestock

9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

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