Environmental Issues

Topics: Environment, Environmentalism, Pollution Pages: 2 (331 words) Published: October 25, 2013
Assignment 6

3 Environmental issues in my Introduction Statement
1.Water pollution and the reduction of that resource is of great concern. I believe this is one of the most important issues because it affects every living thing. We dump many contaminants into our water. I know I could do better on reducing the water I use. 2. Air pollution is another major problem. This also affects everything that is living. It can cause numerous health issues.

3.Light pollution would be my third choice. This can also cause health problems. We waste a lot of electricity by over illuminating our cities. It affects ecosystems. A glow is produced in densely populated areas that reduce our view of the beautiful night sky.

3 Environmental Issues in my Exit Statement

1. Preserving our nonrenewable energy sources is extremely important. Chapter fifteen was very interesting to me. I was shocked that this is not well known information. How is our population supposed to be conserving these resources if they are unaware that they are being so rapidly depleted?

2. BPA and other endocrine disruptors that can cause cancer and feminize males is a very important environmental issue. Chapter ten discusses the disruption of alligators endocrine systems. The video that we watched was extremely helpful. I knew that these products can be found in almost everything but not that they are so dangerous.

3. Air pollution is extremely important to regulate because it affects the health of every living organism. Chapter thirteen goes more in depth with the topic of air pollution. The ozone is so vital for our survival by blocking radiation. This is definitely an important environmental issue.

Comparison: Reading this book has definitely advanced my knowledge of environmental issues. As a result of this added information two out of my issues have changed. Each week I found my self more and more upset about the impacts we are having on our environment. The reason that two have...
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