Socioeconomically Disadvantaged People

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Socioeconomically Disadvantaged people
1. Argue the case for this group receiving priority status in funding for health promotion by A. Comparing the health status of this group with the health status of the Australian population, concentrating on major trends. Definitions of people who are socioeconomically disadvantaged (SES) are those who are on low incomes who struggle to supply themselves and their family with food, clothing and shelter. Although the overall level of health and wellbeing of Australians is relatively high compared with other countries, there are significant disparities in the health outcomes of different populations within Australia. In particular, people who living in areas with poorer socioeconomic conditions tend to have worse health than people from other areas. Previous analysis has shown that disadvantaged Australians have higher levels of disease risk factors and lower use of preventative health services than those who experience socioeconomic advantage. Economically disadvantaged have reduced life expectancy, premature mortality, increased disease incidence and prevalence, increased biological and behavioural risk factors for ill health, experience a lower life expectancy and lower overall health status B. Describing and analysing the sociocultural, socioeconomic and Environmental factors that may affect this group:

Environmental factors
The environmental factors that may affect this group are:
* Pollution: this can contribute to Asthma (might not be directly caused by pollution but can cause asthma attacks), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and also Cystic Fibrosis (while it is a disease by itself but high level of pollution can further aggravate the condition) * Housing: this can contribute to violence (This can be misleading and can cause much damage during the developmental stages of life for children especially) and family breakdown (this can effect children a lot, children can feel many emotions at the loss of the way the family used to be, and feel uncertain about the future. This can also make the child feel like they have no support and this could lead to suicide, drugs etc.) * Overcrowding: this can contribute to health issues (Susceptibility to disease, the severity of diseases, the spreading of illness, and the mortality due to disease all increase as a result of social and physical overcrowding), social issues (overcrowding affects women's access to social and economic resources; it increases their responsibilities in the home and burdens their time), Psychological issues (overcrowding contributes to psychological frustrations which, in turn, have a bearing on behavioural responses and residents' ability to cope with the conditions)

Socio-economic factors
The Socio-economic factors that may affect this group are:
* Lower levels of education: this can lead to poor health decision making e.g. Smoking, drinking, bad diets, unprotected sex, lack of exercise, unemployed etc. * No money: this can lead lack of health service, lack of education, effect personal relationships, stress etc.) * Dependence on government assistance: this can lead people feeling worthless; can create a sense of poorness for people.

Socio-cultural factors
The socio-cultural factors that may affect this group are: * More likely to smoke and take drugs which can lead to serious damages within the body * Overweight: this can lead to early death, reduce in life expectancy, unhealthy and pear pressure * Lack of visit to doctor which can lead to death and increase in injuries * Continuous cycle of SES in families: this can make people feel like they don’t have a future and don’t have a chance of becoming someone successful. * Religion and culture can also sometimes stops the group from participating in physical activities because in some cultures the women are not allowed to participate in activities such as exercising. 2. Discuss how the...
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