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Environmental Education

By Reymond-Vejerano Jan 07, 2015 493 Words
EARTH, our



What do
I need

 Gain a basic understanding

on environmental education.
 Acquire skills to be actively
involved in investigating
environmental issues and
concerns and respond to them.
 Develop with ethics so that
they can actively participate
towards environmental
improvement and protection..

What do
I need

 International Earth Day was
proclaimed in 1970 by its founder,
John McConnel.
 The biosphere continues to
suffer from the abusive impact of
human populations and their
 Depletion of Natural
 Famine,
 Expanding Population,
 Endangered species,

What is

As Early as the 18th century, JeanJacques Rousseau – introduced a philosophy on environmental
education in his work, EMILE.

 This philosophy was echoed by Louis
Agassiz, a Swiss – born naturalist, as he
encouraged students to study nature
than books.
 These two influential scholars helped
lay the FOUNDATION for the concrete
environmental education program known
as NATURE STUDY. Which took place in


process by which people develop
awareness, concern and knowledge
of the environment and learn to use
this understanding to preserve,
conserve and utilize the
environment in a sustainable
manner for the benefit of present
and future generations.
It entails the will to take personal
initiative and social participation to
achieve sustainability.

Objectives, and


1.To improve the quality of
2. To create awareness among the
people on environmental problems
and conservation.
3. To create an atmosphere so that
people participate in decisionmaking and develop the
capabilities to evaluate the



Aims of Environmental Education:

 To provide different groups of
people as well as graduates in a
variety of professional fields with
the knowledge needed to develop a
sense of responsibility towards the
environment and the rational
utilization of its riches.
 To makes use of this knowledge
and skills to preserve, conserve and
utilize the environment in a

Importance of Environmental
1.Increase students engagement
in science
2. Improves students
achievements in core subjects
3.Provides critical tools for a 21st
century workforce
4. Helps address "natures deficit

Nature has its own laws
that would ensure its
stability and
sustainability. These laws
have allowed it to survive
for the last million years.
Human beings as part of

All forms of life
are equally

Ours is a
finite Earth

Nature is
Beautiful and we
Stewards of
God’s creation…

“ Let’s
Continue to do
our PART. Make
a change and
together we’ll
make a

What do
I need to

I,_____________,being a good citizen of our
planet, shall use my learning in
Environmental Education to preserve
and protect the environment and all life
in it. I believe that genuine learning
does not end with just passing my
examinations, but should continue into
doing good for my country and for the
I am a __________(yr./course) student
of___________(school). I am a citizen and


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