Environment Problems

Topics: Environmentalism, Natural environment, Environment Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Currently, environmental challenges, such as deforestation and global warming, have confronted ecological scientists, government agencies and the general public. Against this background, some people claim that we are in such a plight that environmental problems can only be addressed by through international collaboration, while I personally believe individual countries and individual people can play an essential role in environmental conservation as well.

Admittedly, protecting the environment at the international level might relieve the problems more efficiently. Some environmental problems, such as climate change and ozone depletion, are by no means confined to one single country or region. Thus, concerted efforts are necessary to cope with this issue. In addition, international organizations have a crucial to play in ensuring each country can truly fulfill its environmental obligation.

Nevertheless, we can down play the role of single country and single person in protecting the environment. The government can establish relevant policies, such as environment laws, to restrain the behaviors of manufacturers and the general public. For instance, sewage treatment should be required to the factories before pouring into the river, thus may effectively prevent water pollution. Furthermore, the government should allocate a sum of money to the technology companies to encourage them to develop fuel-efficient vehicles and search for alternatives to fossil fuel. Concerning the contribution of individuals, they could choose carpooling, which help lower average carbon footprint, as their first choice when travel. In addition, the general public should support environmentally- friendly brands and refuse over-packaging and disposal items, which seem to take long time to break down.

To sum up, powerless as it may seem, the action of individual countries and individual persons can really make environmental sense. Therefore, it is not only the international community’s...
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