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Unit Title: Communications in Business 100

Assessment: Critical Essay

Company: Chevron

Essay Title:An examination on performance of Chevron Corporation

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Semester: 1 2012

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Society affected by the impact of Chevron Corporation on environment. Introduction:
Nowadays, recycling, ecology, environmental protection ... are a part of everyday citizens, businesses, politicians; an awareness that has allowed the development of an economic sector and the creation of new jobs. The global warming has increased our awareness towards the planet and its future. In more and more countries, new regulations have been introduced by the government to reduce the amount of pollution. (Ross Gittins 2012) The industrial revolution of our century has put in danger our living resources, nature, and thus potentially putting at risk our own future lifestyle. One of the most pollution producers are the oil or petroleum industries. In this essay we will examine the case of Chevron Corporation which is one of the biggest petrol producers in the world. The company operates approximately 24000 services stations in more than 180 and has over 62000 employees worldwide. (Hoovers inc 2012). We will first examine and discuss the negative impact of this industry on the environment, so therefore on the society, and then we will see how Chevron’s corporation is proceeding to achieve their goal: “we believe that is the right thing to do and that is critical to our success in a world in which energy sources should be compatible with an environment that’s clean, safe and healthy”. (Hoovers inc 2012)

Negative impact on environment of Chevron Corporation.

Extraction of petrol itself is not without consequences on local ecosystems, although, as in any industries, the risks can be reduced by vigilant practices. While these fossil fuels can be extracted in a way that environment can be preserved, government and oil companies choose generally, the speed and the efficacy, rather than respect for the environment or the interests of local people, most affected by production. One of the most extreme case of oil exploitation of the rainforest is the equator, where the U.S. oil giant, Chevron-Texaco (now known as the Chevron), seriously damaged the ecosystem of Ecuador for a generation. (Chevron Corporation 2012, 32) This petroleum operation affected more than 30000 Indigenes and settlers homes. However as we noted, this degradation has been punished by the government of equator who fined Chevron corporation 18 billion dollars of compensation (Environment News Service 2012) As shown above the risk of producing oil can be very big. The example, the pollution in equator shows a lack of professionalism and mastery of Chevron Corporation for 18 years. Another example of Chevron’s negligence is the case in Brazil where a leak in one of the drills has caused an oil spillage. In the past, at least 2,400 barrels of crude were spilled into the Atlantic, in the block Campo do Frade, 370 km north-east coast of Rio.( Jeff Fick 2012) In March 4 2012, a new leak was detected 3 km from the first and nearly 1300 metres deep, of more than 3400 of crude barrels, triggering the suspension of activities of Chevron in Brazil. ( Brazil 2012) Such example provides evidence that this incident could affect the entire marine ecosystem of the region, which could lead to an extinction of some species and thus could have an impact on the economic activities of the area. For instance, those fishing area may be closed for a long or a short period because of the risk of contamination by oil. The contaminated fishes could have a serious effect on human health if some were used for consumption. From this perspective, the fishery sector of the area affected could see...
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