Environment Issues

Topics: Recycling, Pollution, Waste Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Our planet is like a ticking bomb of contamination. We do not see the harm we are doing to ourselves and most importantly to our planet by polluting our air, burning fossil fuels, and clearing out forest. Climate change is responsible for 300,000 deaths and garbage pollution accumulates to more than 4 billion tons worldwide, and why are we not doing anything against it? Is our planet not worth conserving it? It is shameful to see trash flowing around in rivers and streams, wrappers thrown out of windows or in the streets without anyone to at least pick it up. The reality is that this present generation has become less and less productive in the conservation of our planet, and day by day our world loses its natural beauty through the horrible contamination we produce in trash. Preserving our planet should be the main priority and through that we should recycle, be aware of deforestation, and diminish water use. One way of keeping the planet healthy is through recycling. We use countless resources every day without so much as a second thought to how the waste product effects our environment or how we might change it. Almost everything that is consumed can be recycled in some form or another whether it’s the fuel we use to run our lives or the containers we use to contain it. With every passing year new technologies to conserve Mother Nature emerge, yet if only a small percentage of the population commits to saving her, nothing will ever change. All it takes is a simple change in the house, perhaps a simple recycle bin for plastics and paper, or a switch from gasoline to electric powered cars. Solar power and hydroelectricity can help replace coal and natural gases that will otherwise slowly wither away our home. Not only can it help replace non-renewable resources, water and solar energy can be used and reused for many products. Imagine when all it takes to power your home is the same water you drink and shower with. With the ingenuity that human kind has we can...
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