Envvironment in the Age of Globalization

Topics: Sustainability, Natural environment, Environment Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: July 28, 2013
The Environment in the Age of Globalization
Joyce Stone
LIB 320 Global Socioeconomic Perspectives
Instructor Sahn Tran
May 20, 2012

Globalization brings with it opportunities for the environment, but also brings along with it issues and tensions. Globalization can shape the path of the environment it can produce economic growth which in return can cause pollution and unsustainability. Globalization can cause harm to the environment. Kwong, J. (2005). Globalization’s Effects on the Environment. Society, 42 (2). 21-28. Doi:

In recent years globalization has become a remarkably polarizing issue. This article examines alternative perspectives about globalization and the environment. It explains the reason for the conflicting visions that are frequently and suggests elements of an institutional framework that can align the benefits of globalization with the objective of enhanced environmental protection. McManner, P. (2010. Green Outcomes in the Real World: Global forces, Local Circumstances, and Sustainable Solutions.

This book is a good source on environment in a globalized world. In this book the author brings attention to some of the most intractable and important issues of the current age. He exposes the ‘’dark underbelly’’ of globalization and the problems that arise from the narrow pursuit of economic objectives. While examining the world economy and society McManners search for ways reduce the pressure on the environment problems through solutions to improve human society. Coxhead, I (2002). Development and the upland resource base: Economy and policy context, and lessons From a Philippine watershed. Philippine Journal of Development, 29 (1), 1-32. Retrieved from http://searchproquest.com/docview/205848801?accountid=3251

This is article provide surveys on issues on economic growth and environmental damages and how they are associated. The author explains that the nature of growth environment link depends...
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