Topics: Venture capital, Cash flow, Cash flow statement Pages: 17 (4826 words) Published: June 21, 2013
SUBJECT NAME : Entrepreneurship Project: Interdisciplinary Approach SUBJECT CODE : GEN 1901
ACADEMIC YEAR : AY 2012/2013, Apr Semester

“By submitting our work, we are declaring that we are the originator of this work and that all other original sources used in this have been appropriately acknowledged. We understand that plagiarism is the act of taking and using the whole or any part of another person’s work and presenting it as our own without proper acknowledgement. We also understand that plagiarism is an academic offence and that disciplinary action will be taken for plagiarism.”

Name of Student| Admission Number| Signature|
Koh Yi Ling| 1102536H| |
Glynnis Too| 1103574H| |
Chong Wei Feng| 1102334H| |
Teng Jia Hui| 1103489I| |
Joel Loy| 1101975I| |
Wang Kang Lun| 1103878A| |

Tutorial class : TZ04
Tutor : Lee Junior
Diploma : Business
Date of submission : 2 August 2012


Address: 26 Raffles Boulevard
#03-10 Singapore 089699
6366 9188

Chong Wei Feng
Lead Entrepreneur
9082 6535

Other Members:
Glynnis Too
Joel Loy
Koh Yiling
Teng Jia Hui
Wang Kanglun
Content Page


Cover Page


Executive Summary
Company Summary
8 - 9

6 - 8

9 - 10

Market Analysis
10 - 14

Marketing Strategy
14 - 17

Operational Plans
17 - 18

Financial Plan

Funding Requirements
Exit Strategy

Executive Summary

This report was commissioned to propose a business idea which is to set up a business which main purpose is to help children learn and create a movie production of their own and nurture them into young filmmakers. Other than that, a secondary service that we will provide is a photo-taking service to earn us additional income.

This report will present the company summary, details of our service, the market analysis, our marketing strategy, operational plans, financial plans, funding requirements and lastly, our exit strategy.

As we know, filmmaking is not a popular trend in Singapore compared to singing, dancing or even music composing. Therefore, our mission and vision will be to allow children to learn about filmmaking as well as nurture them to be future successful directors, producers or even actors and also to be a top quality company that provides children with knowledge of filmmaking.

Our main objectives include 500 students by 2013 and 1500 students by 2014, gross margin higher than 75%, and a net income of more than 5% of sales by 2013.

The business is led by Entrepreneur Chong Wei Feng, together with the above mentioned members, whose idea is to start enrichment courses for children to produce a movie where our employees will do the filming of the movies that the children wish to produce, while the children learn will learn drama skills, script writing, and video editing skills depending on the level of course that the students are undergoing. Every production can be sold back to the children at a suitable and affordable price so that they get to keep the movie as a memento. All equipment and studios will be provided by Canon, a sponsor, so that the children will not have to worry about owning a camcorder or a camera. The company will look for schools to promote our company, as well as take in students into our courses so that we will spread awareness of our company, and on the other hand, get students that are interested in filmmaking. Since we have the equipment and a studio, we are able to offer an additional photo-taking service for events such as weddings or graduation ceremonies, etc.

Our keys to success will be to have the one of the best services that will allow children to unveil their full potential in filmmaking. We will have flexible hours to allow students to change their course timings if need be. We will be competitive...
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