Topics: Entrepreneurship, Education, Management Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Name: Michael Wilson
Date: 4/14/13
Course: Business 22
Analysis: #2 - Entrepreneurship
Title: Real Entrepreneurs Don’t Write Business Plans
Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, April 25,2013
Author: Francesca di Meglio
In this article, Steve Blank, who is a lecturer in top universities such as Stanford and UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, has a new way of teaching the new generation of entrepreneurs. Instead of educating the students with business plans, Blank started a course called the Lean Launchpad that he had taught for three years and has reached about 150 teams of students. The course itself mainly focuses on field works instead written works. His aim is to test the student’s business theories by communicating to outsiders. He would grade the student’s work by their presentation on what they had learned in their field works. A professor at University of Maryland, Smith School of Business, Brent Goldfarb also uses this teaching concept to his students. In his course, the students would receive and ‘A’ whose business earns the most profit, however, his main intention is to introduce the student what starting a business is like. Synopsis:

Both Steven Blake and Brent Goldfarb use these teaching techniques to improve the student’s knowledge in business. They educate the students to be more open to the world instead of doing paper works. Discussion:

This article grabs my attention in how lecturers way of teaching nowadays. Blake creates his own way of teaching business to young generations of entrepreneurs. According to him, “entrepreneurship is about getting out into the world and doing – not simply researching and writing.” I would say nothing but to agree with his statement. I think that business and entrepreneurship is an open-source program that includes field works, meeting and communicating with other entrepreneurs to discover and experience new things not only theory and business plans. By implementing the Lean Launchpad course,...
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