Course Outline Comm320 Q And R NAGY Winter 2015 2

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John Molson School of Business, Department of Management
ENTREPRENEURSHIP - COMM 320/4 (sections Q and R)
Course Outline - Winter 2015

General Information

Instructor:Judy Nagy
Class:Section Q: Tuesday and Thursday, 11:45-13:00 in MB-2.430
Section R: Tuesday and Thursday, 14:45-16:00 in MB-S1.115 Office location:MB 14.359
Office hours:Thursdays 16:30-17:30 and by appointment
Phone:514.848.2424 x 2941 (best way to reach me)

Course Description
This course emphasizes the entrepreneurial aspects of management that are required to create, develop, and sustain either a new business venture or a major project/initiative within an existing organization. The integrative nature of the course requires an understanding of each functional area of business. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate the teamwork, leadership, communication, and the other skills stressed throughout the program.

Prerequisites: COMM 222, 223 or 224, 305, 308.

Learning Objectives
The discipline of entrepreneurship has a distinct place in business administration. Entrepreneurial activities have a global impact on individual lives, careers, and also on organizational survival and growth. Entrepreneurs introduce change and innovation into the economic and social system, forcing other individuals and organizations to constantly adapt. New products and services, and new organizational practices make it very difficult for business students and professionals to settle down into routine work and linear career paths. COMM320 is a course designed to provide students with a basic understanding of this discipline.

This course will help the student achieve the following learning objectives: Acquire basic knowledge of the theory and concepts of entrepreneurship. Analyze and integrate entrepreneurship concepts to business development cases. Demonstrate the relevance and applicability of the study of entrepreneurship to business administration in general. Understand the role of entrepreneurial thinking in large organizations and the role of social entrepreneurship in today’s society. Research, prepare, and present a comprehensive business plan.

This course uses the textbook “Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures”, 4/e. from Barringer & Ireland. The textbook can be bought for $90 at the Concordia bookstore. Alternatively, students can acquire an e-book version of the textbook. The E-book costs $70 and is valid for 180 days but only offers a limited print option. If you want to acquire the e-book version, please visit and follow the instructions (you will need a valid credit card). Class ScheduleTopics

Week 1:Introduction
Jan. 8Course Outline
Jan. 13What is entrepreneurship, who is an entrepreneur?
Barringer & Ireland Chapter 1: Introduction

Week 2:Opportunity Recognition: When is an idea good?
Jan. 15Barringer & Ireland Chapter 2: Opportunity Recognition Jan. 20Barringer & Ireland Chapter 3: Feasibility Analysis

Week 3:Opportunity Analysis: Is there a market for an idea? How can I develop the idea?
Jan. 22Barringer & Ireland Chapter 5: Industry Analysis Barringer & Ireland Chapter 6: Business Model
Jan. 27Barringer & Ireland Chapter 4: Business Plan

Week 4:The Business Plan – let’s write it up!
Jan. 29Team building exercise/ business plan
Feb. 3Concordia Library Research Tools & Videos

Week 5:The Entrepreneurial Team or who should be on board Feb. 5Barringer & Ireland Chapter 9: Building an Entrepreneurial Team Practice Case: Eric Buell

Feb. 10Financing: How can I get money for an idea ?
Barringer & Ireland Chapter 10: Financing

Week 6:Intellectual Property: How can I protect a creation? Feb. 12Barringer & Ireland Chapter 12: Intellectual Property (Student Persona due) Feb. 17Practice Case: TBD (First Report due)

Week 7:Practice and...
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