Entrepreneurs of Social Networking

Topics: Web 2.0, Twitter, Social network service Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: September 19, 2013

It was only a matter of time before social networking had gained so much attention that we would evolve this tool into a goldmine for businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their passions. Social networking clearly has an array of benefits; some would argue that social networks should be for individuals only, but users like me find that including businesses in social networking is an outstanding tool for judging reputation, finding out about new products and services, and giving free branding and advertising to entrepreneurs. It is important to open the minds of people in the community that are not already taking advantage of these tools and to change the minds of those who think that this is all about corporate advertising.

When a consumer is first looking for a product or service they typically want to know some background information about a company before going forward and hiring them or buying their merchandise. Personally, I think everyone should read up on the credentials of a company prior to giving them any money. What better way to find out about an organizations reputation than visiting a website like Facebook or Linked In where people from all over the world and even your friends can share the past experiences they have had with a particular business. If you are a client, what better way to have constant engagement with a business than a Facebook page or Twitter account stacked with up to date news and information that you can give feedback on. If you’re a company, what better way to monitor and manage your reputation and further engage with your customers? There doesn’t seem to be a better way to do business than to have thousands of people contributing and challenging each other.

Let’s talk about information on products and services; being a consumer there is a lot of information that you may need to know after making a purchase. How about things like recall updates, warranty issues, release dates, event dates, upgrades and new products?...

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