Entrepreneurial Marketing

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Entrepreneurial Marketing

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Entrepreneurial Marketing in Small Businesses: A Conceptual Exploration Summary
SMEs are exposed to greater risk of bad performance and failure due to non – existence of marketing orientation. Marketing is SMEs can be termed as EM (Entrepreneurial Marketing) owing to fact that marketing principles derived from large firms mostly proved unsuccessful in SMEs. The aim of this article is to propose a conceptual model of EMO (Entrepreneurial Marketing Orientation) and identification of dimensions which affect business performance in SMEs. A literature review resulted in addition of two new dimensions to MO those are pro–activeness and personal relationships with networking. MO characteristics for EMO other than two mentioned earlier are market intelligence, responsiveness and integrated business process. CO aspect for EMO are responding, communicating customer and delivering customer value after its comprehension. EO added research and development, speed to market, risk taking and pro-activeness dimensions to EMO. IO contributed EMO with overarching knowledge infrastructure, supporting, motivating and continuing innovation. Methodology:

Research method:
It is qualitative research (historical research) that identifies and describes different orientations in perspective of SMEs through observation from different past case studies. Variable and scales:

Following measurement scales are proposed to construct EMO model. MO is measured by MARKOR and MORTN scales, composed of market intelligence generation, responsive towards competitors and integration of business processes. CO is measured by SOCO scale which explains responsiveness towards customers, communication with customers and understanding and delivering value. EO is measured by ENTRESCALE that has...
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