Enterprise Dbms

Topics: Adaptive Server Enterprise, Database management system, Client-server Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: January 17, 2006
Enterprise DBMS have been around for awhile but there have been new enhancements that have been added to them such as changes in architecture, database applications, etc.

I.Enterprise Architecture

First of all, Enterprise DBMS started out using an architecture system called, Teleprocessing. It uses the CPU and one computer to operate in a multi-user database system. The end-user uses a dumb terminal that will transmit information to a centralized computer. The information than is transmitted to the appropriate applications, databases, etc. for further processing.

The next step in architecture was the Client-Server system which simply consists of multiple computers that are connected to a network. The computers that consist of the applications are called the client and the computers that process these applications are called servers. Shown below is a sample of this type of architecture:

Another one that can be considered is the file-sharing system that also uses the multi-user architecture. This type simply distributes to the end-users computers all the applications and DBMS' that are needed. The servers in this architecture will server as a file server and not a database server.

II.Advantages and Disadvantages:

There are several advantages and disadvantages as to the usage of a Enterprise DBMS. Listed below are some of these:


-Centralized Data Management – Better control of database system; -Data Independence – Independence between data and programs; -Systems Integration – All files are put into one system to avoid redundancy and efficiency.


-Confidentiality, Privacy and Security – The database system maybe abused because of all the usage it will be having from end-users; -Data Quality – Because of end-users accessing data, controls will have to be implemented to be sure that data is not changed; -Enterprise Vulnerability – The database may become indispensable; -Cost – Can be costly...

References: Kroenke, David M., "Database Concepts and Management Systems", Pearson Customer Publishing, 2000
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