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hair and beauty

By leanne5424 Oct 23, 2014 349 Words
Style & fit postiche

Assignment 335 Produce a report Leanlie Moralde Positioning of the stylist and the client correctly throughout the treatment This is important because you must ensure that the client is comfortable and correctly supported to minimise fatigue and injury. Client must wear a gown to protect their clothing. Using tools, equipment and techniques to meet service objectives it is important to use tools, equipment and techniques to meet service objectives to produce the right results. Styling, dressing and finishing products can be use to help secure the hair in place or make any ornamentation. Using styling and finishing products when styling postiche

Aid shaping and controlling the hair
Fixing and prolonging the finished look
Controlling and securing long hair effectively
To ensure style longevity, client comfort, stop breakage or dragging of hair, to avoid trichorrhexis nodosa. How to produce a firm base for fixing long hair into place • Prolonging the shape using styling and fixing products Considering tension in hair-up styles

Consistent tension ensures optimum results, smooth finish, even shape, client comfort, avoid traction alopecia. strength firm durability To include:
• Damaging the condition of the hair and scalp • Discomfort of the client Completing service records completely
Future reference, data protection, (lockable cabinet, password protected database), available to clients on request, up-to-date, accurate, relevant, information must not be – mishandled, mismanaged or used inappropriately (can result in legal action), stored for appropriate timescale, confidential, complete immediately after the service, record details of fitting and styling, cleaning, repairs, colour and cutting, must be accurate. State the purpose of backcombing and back brushing when dressing postiche brush through section of hair, holds tips taut in one hand, brush section downwards from points to roots, use brush - creates less volume, ideal for long hair, less damaging to hair. comb through section

of hair, holds tips taut in one hand, comb section downwards from points to roots, use dressing comb, firm matting achieved, can cause damage to hair. to create lift and volume, an even shape, to create balance/ definition, base to secure pins, teases and blends hair together.

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