Enterprise Coursework

Topics: Holidays, First-person shooter, Action game Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: April 27, 2013
REPORT (Task 1) by:
Claudia Chan Qian Nee
Year 11 Virtue

Reported to: Mr. Raymond
Reported by: Claudia Chan
Date: 18th February 2013
In this report, it will explain how our group came up with the idea of our project and why did we chose this as our project. I believe that every entrepreneur possess their own qualities and skills. Each of us in our team possessed our very own entrepreneurial skills and that benefits our team by combining all the skills together and coming up our project. From the starting until currently, we helped each other to find out and improve our skills and divided tasks suitable for the skills each of us have. I believe that I have skill of creativeness by coming up with new ideas along with the help of my teammates and designing our project making it attractive and unique. I really want our team to score a grade A. My weak areas are I am lacking of leadership skills. I have difficulties in making decisions and giving tasks to other people. Although I lack of this skill, I will improve my weaker spots and turn them into my good skills. When we were choosing our suitable task for our project, we were having difficulties thinking. Although we were having difficulties, we as a team asked for some advice from Mr.Raymond. We discussed among our group to find out which business is the most suitable project in school. At first, we decided to set up a small stall selling food and beverages. But this business project was common and always carried out in school. We wanted to be different from other groups and try doing something that was hardly carried out in school. Then we thought of selling hand-made key chains and other little souvenirs, but making hand-made key chains would be time consuming and too expensive to get the materials. Finally, we came up with a good business, a gaming competition. Previously, our older badge of students has held a gaming competition in school and it was really successful. They had many students...
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