Enrollment System

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Information System refers to the interaction of people, data, process and technology. It is used by the society or by an organization for the support in their operations, management and decision-making to make transaction more simple and easy. The activities of an IS are devoted to provide data and information to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of different operation of a business in an organization. One classification of an Information System is Transaction Process System that handles or records day to day transaction of a business. Example of this is an Enrollment System, a computer generated process which can support the operation and management of a school. This is designed for recording, verifying and processing student’s information who registers on a particular institution. Despite of helpful services provided by an enrollment system, there are still many institutions that use manual procedures like Munting Ilog National High School Silang West Annex. In their school, they manually do the encoding of students information and listing and checking of students’ requirements. This resulted in lot of difficulties that they encounter in handling their transactions leading to more serious problems like unreliable records of the students and data losses. The manual procedure also takes so much time and effort thus bringing lots of wasted time and more workload for the personnel in charge and for the students enrolling. To address the above problems, the developers developed a computerized enrollment system. This system is capable of providing a fast-paced enrollment processes resulting to a better enrollment transaction not only for the part of staff but also for the students. It minimized if not completely remove all the drawbacks of the manual enrollment to provide a better service and a high quality process outcome.


The general objective of the study is to develop the Munting Ilog National High School Silang West Annex Enrollment System.

This study specifically aims to:
1.To design a system that will replace the manual enrollment resulting to speed up transaction, reliable and accurate students’ information, and fast access to students’ record. 2.To develop a systematic and user-friendly environment that will minimize human error and avoid data losses. 3.To evaluate performance of the proposed system.

The system is an information system exclusively designed for Munting Ilog National High School Silang West Annex. The Munting Ilog National High School Silang West Annex Enrollment System is proficient of gathering students’ and teachers’ information and summarizing it to produce accurate and reliable records. It is capable of generating automatically the section of the students. It also allows the teachers to view their information and print their updated schedules. This system is implemented on LAN to provide a faster service. It has three direct users with different level of access including of one (1) admin, three registrars (3) and all the teachers in the said school. All these users are allowed to update their accounts providing that their new user name is unique and available. In case they forgot their password they can still access the system by answering the security questions that they provide while creating their account. The system was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate as the front end which serves as the User's Interface and MySQL (Structured Query Language) as the back end which handles the database. ODBCAD 32 was used to connect the system to its back end (MySQL). It was created for about 3 months with the incorporation of these application software committed to ensure the efficient and fast processing of records. This system does not automatically generate schedules for the students. The admin is in charge in encoding...
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