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Enrollment System

By Diw4ta Jan 13, 2013 362 Words
1.1 Background of the Problem
The Enrollment System is a system by which the students transact business with the school, by knowing what section they belong through evaluating their grades by the teachers. In every year, it is expected that enrollees are increasing and the schedule of the enrollment system of the school is easier and reliable. Nowadays technology industry arises; each company needs to have its own computerized system that can manage their reports effectively. The team decided to conduct a study of their school Silway-8 National High School to enhance their knowledge and skills in computer regarding this Computerized Enrollment System. We will offer fast and accurate processing of enrollment system, implement a strong security in maintaining files and design a user a friendly interface. If this will push through, only this school in their district has this computerized system. The school will be pioneering of this program. We are looking forward for this program to install it earlier as long as possible.

1.2 Overview of the Current State of Technology
Silway-8 National High School is one of the schools having big population located at Silway-8 Polomolok South Cotabato and establish on June 1987. Presently, it has 34 faculty staff and maximum of 1,350 students. And the school uses a manual system that takes a lot of time and effort. Since there are only one personnel assigned to each year level to accommodate students. They encountered problems too like experiencing flood and all the records are being gone. The chairman who is in charge will face a hard time about it. In this regard, this proposal, an Automated Enrollment System would solve the aforementioned burdens. This study serves as a total in so achieving a well-compiled data system as well as generating reports. 1.3 Project Rationale

Computerized Enrollment System is design for the benefits of Silway-8 National High School. It helps the faculty in monitoring the records of the students. Automated Enrollment System is use to make the transaction fast, and accurate. It can display the records of each student through student ID number and all other information.

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