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Information technology has been very helpful in doing works in a more efficient way. As IT students, we are capable of knowing how databases help in the development of organizations especially in meeting immediate need. In this documentation, we will discuss how database helps in file handling.

Files in many years ago we’re kept in drawers and cabinets. Nowadays, documents and paper works are stored on different file storage devices. Systemized file handling gives an easier work for users especially for backing up. Databases in most of the companies are indispensable in many ways either small or large establishments.

Chapter 2


Description of Database

The system for Aquinas School that proposed by our group is for the enrollment. The researcher found out that there enrollment system is not well organized and it needs to be enhanced, and they found out also that a lot parents reclaim for the system of the certain school, is sometimes down and hard times to reload that makes them to choose another school for they sons. The systems they had for so many years can’t hold a thousands enrollees. This school was known as one of the toughest and strongest school in San Juan, and it’s exclusively for boys, they have a lot of enrollees in every school year, and they are a lot of children that wants to study in this school. If there is an upgraded system in this school, the process for the registration will be easier to every parents and children. The researcher proposed;

➢ Well-Organized System

➢ User friendly Database

➢ Upgraded and Unique from the others

Business Rule

➢ Enrollment should be done on-line.

➢ Enrollment should be understandable.

➢ Registration will be filling up accordingly.

➢ Minute processed.



ICT Resource Requirements:

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