Benefits of a Database & Information Gathering Techniques

Assignment Three: Benefits of a Database & Information Gathering Techniques
Ian Keller
Strayer University
Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems
CIS 111
Professor Jonathan C. Thrall
April 26th, 2012

Databases are very important to every person in the world today. Whatever you do in you daily routine you are bound to come in contact with some form of database and our world has become so dependent on it that most people won’t even realize the importance of databases. A database is a bunch of files that are usually integrated electronically together to make up one big file. The database stores all of these files in one location and numerous people can access this information all at the same time if they have the proper access from the database administrator. Things that many people do every day that involve database involvement are things like calling a creditor on the phone to talk about a utility bill, performing transactions with you bank online, over the phone or in person, and also using a credit card to pay for supplies at a local retail store. All of these things require access to some sort of database. Database design is basically separated into categories the first being external where data can have multiple views and how the data can be stored into a physical form. Another category is conceptual where internal and external data communicate between each other (Ricardo, 2012). Accounting, bookkeeping information, personal financial records, stocks and personal property inventories are only some examples of how databases are managed and can be created for a multitude of things and all of these different types of files and data can be managed through a Database Management System (DBMS). The better the DBMS system is the better that system will support the organization. When you have a DBMS that supports the organization, that organization will be able to increase productivity, profits and overall status of business.

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