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A:Hey,how are you? It has been a long time since the last time i meet you. B:Ohh!Hello..I’m good.How about you?
A:I’m good too..I have a lot things to tell you.
B:Really?What it is?
A:Hey,try listening to this music…… What do you thing about it.I really love this music.It give me an inspiration. B:Yeah!It’s good..I like it.It’s soft and calmly.It make me feel peace and calm. A:Yes.It;s true.I know that you will like this music.If you seen this music video,you will like it too.It is so amazing and different with the other music video. B:Wow..really?It’s sound interesting and make me really excited to watch that music video.Btw,what is the song title? A:Ohh,I forget to tell you before.It’s Time Machine by Girls Generation. B: GG?

A: Yeah! Whats wrong?
B:It’s my favourite K-POP star!
A:Ohh,me too.I though you don’t like K-POP song.
B:That is before my friends introduced it to me but when I have listen it,it’s not so bad as I excepted.I love to watch their dance step. A:Yeah!It’s great right?
B:Defenitly,it’s really awesome.I always download their dance practise on You Tube. A:Woww,I didn’t except that you really interested with them. B:Haha.Okay,I gtg now.My mom will be waiting for me.She asked me to buy some flour and eggs.She want to bake a cake for my little brother birthday tomorrow.Please come to my house for the party. A:Ohh,I will.It’s a pleasure for me.Goodbye.See you tomorrow.

A:Hello B.What’s up?
B:Hey A.Where have you been?We have not seen each other for two years.I miss you a lot. A:Ohh!C didn’t tell you?I have to move that weekend because my father has transferred to other place and he needs to start his work immediately.I try to look for you on the last day but there was nobody in your house. B:At that time,I was on vacation with my family at Singapore.C just informed to me after I came back from holiday.It felt so bad because I couldn’t meet you to say goobye. A:But,when I think back about it,I think maybe it is better to go without saying goodbye.At least,we don’t need to say goodbye and feel sad. B:Yeah!That’s true.Hey,do you live here?

A:Yes.I’m living here,This is my hometown.By the way,do you have a phone number? B:Yeah!Of course.Do you want it?
A:Yup.So we will be keep in touch after this.
B.Okay.Give me your phone because I need your phone number too. A:Sure.Here is it.
B:Okay.I got it.It’s done.
A:So,what are you doing here?
B:Ohh,I was on a school trip for three days and two nights.Today is our last day here. A:Wow,that’s fun.Well,what are you going to do now?
B:I want to buy some souvenirs for my family and friends.How about you?What are you doing here? A:I’m looking for a present for my teacher.Tomorrow is her last day at school.I want to thank her for her sacrifice.Anyway,let me help you with it.I know the best souvenir’s shop here. B:Well,that is a good idea.

A:I also want you to try ‘laksa’,the famous local dish here.It’s absolutely very appetizing if you take it with a bowl of ABC. B:Wow,that sound interesting.Shall we go now?
A:Yeah,this way.The shop is over there.Let’s go!

A:…………………………… B:………..………………… C:………………………… EXAM
Afifah : Hai, shahira our exam is just around the corner? Have you prepared? Shahira : Yes, i am. I have my own time table and i follow it carefully so then i have many time for study. Btw have you prepared? Afifah : 50/50 i think. I want to achieve my target that is 8A's but i dont assured. Shahira : Fyi, I just tell my parent about my time table, if i forgot they will remember me. I know our class teacher give us many hw but i did it one by one as long i dont delay it. Afifah : Wow :O dont you feel uncontrolable with that time table? Shahira : Sometime i feel like that too but i catch up again. All we need is our attempt and support from our family. Afifah : Thanks shahira i will tried start from today. One more thing friend, how you study at home? Just read refference book or just do...
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