Teenage Wasteland

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Avi Noble
Honors English p.2
R.D. Essay #3

The Extended Version of “Teenage Wasteland” * To be inserted at the end of the story

It had been 3 months and 15 days since Daisy and her husband had seen let alone heard from Donny. Daisy got up and started her normal routine, she got herself ready in just enough time to say goodbye to Amanda because she knew that she probably wouldn’t see her until the next morning. Daisy had seen everyone off and she started to clean the house when all of the sudden she hears a knock on the door. She didn’t really think anything about the visitor at the door so she wiped off her hands and head for the door. She opens the door not looking at the person directly and then the visitor say “Hi, mom” she was in utter shock! “Donny is that really you?” says Daisy “Are you really here?” “Yes mom, it’s me.” says Donny

“Where in the world have you been?” says Daisy with a touch irritation and relief in her voice. “That is a very long story” Donny says quietly
So, Donny and Daisy proceeded into the living room to talk. Daisy was so exited she just couldn’t sit still. She had so many questions but at the time she was so angry and she wanted to find out where her son had been and why he thought that it was ok to run away from home. “Mom I know you are going to try to get on my case about what I did and all this stuff but before you do let me tell you that I won’t go for it if you start getting mad or if you start yelling at me I will walk out of this door and you will never see me or let alone hear my voice again” Donny said to make sure that his mom got his point. “Yes son, I understand.” says Daisy

Donny frankly didn’t want to share what had happened to him these last few months at all because he knew that his mom...
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