English for Oral Communication

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Ladies and gentleman,

First of all ,let me share with you a few definition of communication. 1.0 Defining Communication

2.1 Carl Rogers (1952) defined communication as listening with understanding to what has been said and interpreting the message accurately as intended 2.2 Elizabeth Tierney (1998) defined it as a process which comprises the following steps-you have a message you want to deliver, you send it out, your audience received the message, reacts to it and the respond to your message. 2.3 Julia Wood(2009) defined it as systemic process in which people interact with and trough symbols to create and interpret meanings.

Therefore ,we can clearly conclude that communication is listening and delivering the right message to your receiver.Please also bear in mind that of all leadership behaviors, the ability to communicate may be the most important. Communications lays the foundation for leading others.( John Baldoni 2003).Simply put, communication is an activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior that produces the desired effect or result.Furthermore, communication is effective when the recipients of the message understands its meaning and can express the meaning back to the sender correctly. Ladies and gentleman,

Exhibit 1.0 An illustration of an effective communication

In addition,I will be sharing the importance of effective communication as its an important element of success in every organization,leader,manager,supervisor and employee.Firstly, an effective communication generates the desired effect, maintains effect and increases effect. It serves the purpose for which it was planned.Secondly,effective communication also ensures that the message is not distorted during the communication process. Moving to my third points is that effevtive communication may lead to fewer misunderstandings hence causing problem, conflict or friction among superior and subordinates as well as management, plus it will waste time, money and cause mistakes.

Consequently,effective communication is importance in our daily life , be it personal or business. We can say that the points that I mentioned previously are among the benefit of effective communication Nevertheless , to thoroughly understand the impact ,one should fully comprehend the importance of effective communication, Furthermore , effective communication is fruitful if and only if the messages sent by the sender is interpreted with same meaning by the receiver. If any kind of disturbance blocks any step of communication, the message will be destroyed and failed. Due to such circumstances, disturbances, and blockage, managers in an organization face severe problems. This is what we conclude as communication barriers,thus the managers must locate such barriers and take steps to get rid of them.Simply put, communication barriers means obstacle in a workplace that prevent effective exchange of ideas or thoughts. Various barriers exist that can distort or prohibit a message from being properly understood or sent. These barriers can cause conflicts such in interpersonal relationships, blocking a business from being successful in a different culture and lead to low motivation in employee satisfaction in an organization. Identifying the barriers to communication is the first step to improving the effectiveness of the communication. As a manager, you need to identify what is the communication barrier and do your best to resolve. For example, if a co-worker came to you with a complaint and steps were taken to resolve it, spend a few minutes with the co-worker to get feedback. If your own boss asked you for a particular report in time for a conference and you delivered it, give him a call after he's had a chance to review it, this will definitely boost morale, for sure ! These effective communication skills ensure better...

References: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/barriers-to-communication.html
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