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English Essay - US Summer Camps

By Johan-Hejlskov Jan 21, 2015 743 Words
English Essay – Europeans works at US summer camps
Many young people from Europe go to the USA to work in a summer camp, e.g. as instructors, carers or maintenance workers. What do you think they can learn from such an experience?

A summer camp is a program for children, to do sports and get education during summer. A summer camp is an alternative to spending the summer home. Summer camps are most common in the US, but are found almost all over the world. The Young Europeans go to the US to work at the summer camps. They work with the children; they teach them sports, play with them and educate them. The Europeans, whom experience to work at a summer camp, will not only benefit from an extraordinary experience and growth as people. They will also learn a very useful lesson in the English language.

More than a thousand Europeans come to the US, to work at summer camps every summer. The Europeans work with the children as instructors, carers or maintenance workers at the camps. The Europeans get a chance to work with kids and youngster, and obtain skills in leadership. They will meet a whole new culture, when they arrive at the camp. Some will get surprised, because they might have prejudged the Americans, and their expectations to a summer camp. The young European will also grow as a person. Any shyness or fears will be vanished, because of the interaction with the children. Their confidence level will also rise, and become more independent.

It can be kind of a culture shock, for some of the Europeans. The biggest culture difference is the food, and when you are at summer camp there is no fast food, so the new food might be weird at first. The Religion is also different. The Europeans meet many different religions, and it can be hard to figure out what is inappropriate to say to some religions, and what is not.

Some Europeans might have trouble with the language. When you are working at a camp and your job is to play and educate the children, it might seem frustrating at the beginning. But when the only language the children know is English, you are being forced to try and talk to the kids, and the only language you hear around you is English, it will improve. Their vocabulary will also improve, and expressing themself in English will be easier.

The job as an instructors, carers or maintenance workers, will benefit the young Europeans in the future. As a maintenance worker you will learn to think practically, learn to solve problems on your own. As an instructor, you will learn leadership, which can be useful for the rest of their lives. As a carer you will learn to take care of children, and it will be a good thing to have on your CV, if you want to work with children in the future.

If I was to work at a summer camp during summer, I think I would very much enjoy it, due to the reasons mentioned before. I think all people will benefit from working at a summer camp. They will all get an extraordinary experience, and others will benefit from their stay in an educational aspect. Personally I think I can learn a lot from working at a camp, not only as a person, but also my English will improve.

Overall I think summer camp is a great way to spend summer, not only for the children, but also for the workers. The young Europeans, whom go to America to work with the children, will grow as people. They will obtain new skills, become more self-aware, and learn about new cultures. Some of the Europeans might be a little shocked about the new cultures, the foods and religions are very different from what they are used to. The language can be struggle for some, but since they are forced to speak English, and all they will hear is English, it definitely will improve. Both the language and the job as an instructor, carer or a maintenance worker will benefit them later on. They will learn a valuable lesson, which they can use later in their lives. To sum up, working at a summer camp will help you in many different ways. It is a personal experience, which they will never forget, and similarly the educational aspect will be a life lesson.

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