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Summer for a Camp Skyline Ranch Counselor
ENG 101
September 9, 2013

When the realization that my final days of high school were vastly approaching, I began to ask myself what I would do with my life. From that point, the thoughts began to creep in of what things I could do to help better prepare myself for the future that was being pushed upon me. Seeing that I have known since a young age that I wanted to be an educator, my exploration of a summer job that would involve surrounding myself with children began. After endless hours of internet searching for the job that would best suit me, I discovered a Christian summer camp that was very much a place that would cease to leave my mind for the next few days. Days passed by and prayers were sent up when I finally came to realize that this was the job I needed. Working at a Christian summer camp would be a great job for any young person because it is a way to spread God’s word with young girls, push limits and set new goals, and it exposes the counselor to see what teachers and educators face on a day to day basis.

God’s word always needs to be shared with everyone but more especially to the youth. God has always been a huge part of my everyday life. Finding a place where I would be able to share this joy was a priority I had. Camp Skyline was undeniably the place for that. Each night we would sit around a campfire just to hear the songs of the praises to God’s word. Voices as sweet and soft as honey would travel through the mountain air as if a bee on a summer day. Beneath that sound would be the faint crackling of the fire that blazed before us and faintly gave light to each face. On Sundays we had “Skyline Church.” Everyone was to wear pure white on this day. Upon entering church I would see girls of all ages running around in white dresses that were catered to fit each of the hundreds of girls. During those next few hours praises would be lifted and hearts would be led to God as if a lost child...
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