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Sam Lombara11/28/14
English IIMr. Euchner

Book Review - Granny by Anthony Horowitz

In The Story, Granny, by Anthony Horowitz, the protagonist is a Twelve-year-old boy named Jordan “Joe” Morgan Warden. Joe comes from a very wealthy family who resides in the Thattlebee Hall in North London. His parents neglected him and his custody is in the hands of the halls servants including the gardener, Mr. Lampy and his Nanny who is also an exotic dancer, Mrs. Jinks. Worst of all, his ninety-four year old grandmother tortures him with tactics such as devilish foods and childish gifts. At first, Granny can be viewed as either a grandmother who means well and is just extremely old, or an evil grandmother, it turns out that she is indeed evil who humiliates him several times a day. Joe comes to a realization that she is pure evil and her attitude does not come with old age. One significant tactic in the story that Granny tortures Joe is that she robs the two most meaningful people in Joe’s life, Mrs. Jinks and Mr. Lamby of their lives. Due to their sympathy, his relationships with Mrs. Jinks and Mr. Lamby are the only relationships with a meaning that he has and this tactic has a significant impact on the story which affects Joe deeply throughout the story.

In my opinion, the story is a mix of two genres, horror and comedy which I am a big fan of stories in both of these genres, which is the reason I chose this book. The reason I love horror stories is that you get chills while reading it and there is always an unexpected twist within the plot. In the story, there are many unexpected twists that I did not expect, I was most surprised by the death of Mrs. Jinks. We all have plot-twists that take place in our life and when I read the part of the death of Mrs. Jinks, this brought memories back to the many plot twists that have taken place in my lifetime, like the sudden death of beloved ones such as my own Grandmother and moving to a new school which...
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